Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Addicted to teeny Japanese rings

These are all so pretty! (Warning: Picture spam ahead.)

I'm not a jewelry type of person. In fact, I've never worn a ring in my life so I tend to favor discreet and very simple-looking rings like these.

Meteor Ring from Ahkah boutique

Sierra Nevada 2 from Aurora Gran

Ring round the moon drops from Aurora Gran

Claire cut ring from ete

Isola Square Ring 2 from Aurora Gran

Matte brown diamond ring from Aurora Gran

Yellow gold ball chain ring from nano.universe
They've got shitloads of other cute chain rings too, both on nano.universe and Aurora Gran. I never even knew those existed.

Petite diamond ring nebula 3 from Aurora Gran

Pinky ring from nano.universe

Lilith ring from Aurora Gran

Canopus MQ ring from Aurora Gran
Canopus MQ ring worn on hand ^^
So tiny and cute!
So the first time that I'll be wearing a ring is when Brian and I are engaged. How nifty is that! :)

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