Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Alma...

and something to think about in the future for Che. 
Birthwares poster


  1. Yikes!!!

    Imagine how I endured 20 hours of labor (though it wasn't that bad, thanks to my high tolerance for pain, just really uncomfortable) only to find out they had to resort to c-section because I was just cracker-dilated?!?!

    In fairness, special mention ako sa title ha! :)

    PS I'm so proud of you & Brian for being able to keep this blog. Mine is in a coma again!

  2. Aren't you kinda grateful you were never bagel-dilated? Hahaha! Nevertheless, isa kang bayani for enduring all that labor.

    It's hard to keep up a blog. Kaya nga wala na itong direksyon. I'm taking the easy route!